Year-End Awards

    Participants must be ShenVADA members at the time of competition, and the scores must be from the current competition year (December 1 through November 30).  All entries must be submitted (with copies of the USDF tests ridden) before December 15 to the Awards Committee Chair, Debbie Weir.

    Awards will be given for each level and each level will be divided into Junior and Senior divisions.  The rider (or an immediate family member) must have volunteered for a minimum of 8 hours during the year and they must submit a Volunteer Work Form with their entry.

Schooling Show Division:  

    Two scores are needed which can be from the ShenVADA Schooling Show and Fix-A-Test Series or any schooling show judged by an "L" graduate or higher.  A ShenVADA Fix-A-Test score may be used.  The two scores must be from two different shows, and an average of the two scores will be used.  Awards will be given through fourth place.


Musical Freestyle Division (at schooling shows):

    Two scores at the same level are needed from any ShenVADA sponsored show or other Musical Freestyle ride judged by an "L" graduate or higher.  The scores must be from two different shows, and an average of the two scores will be used.

Licensed Show Division:  
    Six scores are needed and must be from at least three different USEF/USDF Licensed shows.  Two of the rides must be from the highest test of the level.  An average of the six scores will be used.

Musical Freestyle Division (at licensed shows):
    Three scores at the same level are needed from USEF/USDF recognized shows.  An average of the three scores will be used.


2017 Calendar 


Saturday, January 21, 2017

O'Neill's, Harrisonburg

6:00 - 9:00 pm

Dinner:  7 pm;  Awards presentation:  8 pm

       We will have a silent auction as well as a box for donated canned goods for the Broadway Presbyterian Church in honor of Leslie.  

"Snow-Out" date:  Saturday, January 28th.

Horse Expo in PA

March 4-5, 2017

Chapter Giveback

Our next Board Meeting:  

November 3rd, Friday 

General Meeting and Election

@ Polly Capansky's home, 7pm-9pm

​     ShenVADA is a group that emphasizes education, support, and friendship for dressage enthusiasts in the Shenandoah Valley. We have been accommodating local Virginia dressage participants since 2000, and we hope that our 17th year will be our best yet. ShenVADA has been a tremendous asset to the Dressage community of Virginia, taking great pride in our heritage and history, and we treat each individual's need as though it's the next stop at "X".

​​We mourn the loss of our dear friend and colleague, Leslie Sebers, whom we lost in 2015.  We will treasure her memory and dedication to our small valley dressage group as Leslie was a founding member and she tirelessly served on our board of directors for each of our first 15 years. Below are photos from the Celebration of Life held in Leslie's honor.

​​​​​​​Year-End Award Packages are due by 12/15/17.  


Virginia Dressage Association

​Year-End Awards

A branch of the Virginia Dressage Association  

​More in 2017:

March 28, Tuesday:  VTO Saddlery Shopping Extravaganza (15% off), 6-8 pm

June 3, Saturday:  Fix-A-Test/Schooling Show @ Bright Moon Farm 

July 8, Saturday:  Fix-A-Test/Schooling Show @ Light Horse Farm

September 9, Saturday:  Fix-A-Test/Schooling Show @ Cedar Creek Stables

November 3, Friday:  General Meeting and Election @ Polly Capansky's, 7-9 pm

December 9, Saturday:  Holiday General Meeting 1:00 - 5:00 pm

"Training & Showing Virginia's Dressage Horses of Tomorrow."